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    Yvonne Kilson, Director

    Phone Number:
    856.661.8110 X125


    Ministry Summary 

    The Duplication Ministry serves the vision of LFCC by providing it's members, helps servers, visitors, and others with a second hearing of the powerful preached Word of God. CDs and DVDs are duplicated after each worship service and/or activity event and then provided to the Kingdom Book Store for sale. Some ministry areas that serve during worship services and other events are provided free CD copies of the preached message.

    The Duplication Ministry serves tirelessly behind the scenes each week to support our Senior Pastor, Constance McLean by ensuring that the Word preached can be heard for a second, third, or fourth hearing. It is our assignment, it is a blessing and it is a pleasure to serve this awesome Spirit led ministry.

    Services Offered By Your Ministry

    • Duplicate current and past messages on CD and DVD.
    • Fill customer orders from the bookstore requesting CD/DVD series, past messages, additional copies, etc.
    • Duplicate messages for all services & activities for all ministries.
    • Duplicate messages for Pastors and ministers requests.
    • Deliver duplicated CD/DVD copies to various helps ministry areas.

    List Areas of Your Ministry Where Members Are Needed

    Helps members are needed to serve by preparing "before" EACH service and duplicating "after" EACH service.

    Foundational Scripture For Your Ministry 

    Romans 10:17 (KJV) So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.